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Title: PPFM Tutorial
Subject: Mathematical Modeling, Derivatives of position, Derivatives of force, Growth stages, Kinematics and Kinetics, Ontogenetic growth force curve, Principle of action;Derivatives of position;Derivatives of force;Growth stages;Kinematics and Kinetics;Ontogenetic growth force curve;Principle of action
Description: The Practical Program for Forces Modeling (PPFM) is a spreadsheet for adjusting growth curves with subsequent evaluation and analysis of acting forces. The spreadsheet is use-friendly, with point-and-click tools, being in the public domain. The PPFM spreadsheet features a completely new approach to growth assessment, with great flexibility and practicality of adjustments, allowing visual and numerical comparison without the need to type command lines, being user-friendly with point-and-click tools based on Excel 2010 or higher.
Authors: Garcia-Neto, Manoel
Kebreab, Ermias
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Sponsorship: FAPESP
Sponsor ID: 2018/19629-0
Available Data: 4-May-2021
Format: PDF
Type: Dado de pesquisa
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