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Title: Validation files of the brazilian version of ImpRes-Tool
Subject: Medicine, Health and Life Sciences
Description: The data deposited include (1) the responses of the validation study participants regarding the content validity of the Brazilian version of the ImpRes-Tool in its two application rounds; (2) the score assigned by the experts to calculate their validity index at the item and scale level; (3) the score given by participants who used the Brazilian version of the ImpRes-Tool regarding its usability and usefulness; (4) and the transcription of a focus group carried out to share experiences regarding the use of the Brazilian version of ImpRes.
Authors: Treichel, Carlos Alberto dos Santos
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Sponsorship: Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo
Sponsor ID: FAPESP: 2020/14309-7
Date: 12-Apr-2023
Available Data: 13-Apr-2023
Format: application/
Publisher: Alberto dos Santos Treichel, Carlos
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Appears in Collections:Repositório de Dados de Pesquisa da UNICAMP

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