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Title: Data set of the paper: Centralized Energy Prediction in Wireless Sensor NetworksLeveraged by Software-Defined Networking
Subject: Simulations of a SDWSN
Description: In this dataset, we provide the logs of the simulations for the cases studied in the paper: Centralized Energy Prediction in Wireless Sensor Networks Leveraged by Software-Defined Networking. There are two folders, one for the case where the Markov chain runs in every node (results_MARKOV_Node), and the second one where the Markov chain runs in the SDN controller (results_MARKOV_PC). controller_Energy_test_n#nodes_topTEST_ENERGY_i#iteration.txt: Log of the SDN controller Energy_test_log_n#nodes_topTEST_ENERGY_i#iteration.txt: log of the COOJA simulator Energy_test_n#nodes_topTEST_ENERGY_i#iteration.txt: Motes outputs
Authors: Nunez Segura, Gustavo Alonso
Borges Margi, Cintia
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Sponsorship: CAPES
Sponsor ID: 001
Available Data: 12-Aug-2021
Format: .txt and .log
Type: Dataset
Publisher: Gustavo Alonso Nunez Segura
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Appears in Collections:Repositório de dados de pesquisa da Universidade de São Paulo

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