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Title: Effect of ascorbic acid topical application on the skin by high-frequency ultrasound
Subject: Medicine, Health and Life Sciences
Description: The general aim of the study is to evaluate the performance of a formulation containing ascorbic acid (AA) using the 50 MHz high-frequency ultrasound skin image analysis method. For this 25 healthy women with visible signs of facial aging, between 35 and 60 years old, were included. All participants randomly applied the placebo formulation to one of their forearms; and on the other forearm, the formulation containing ascorbic acid, 1x / day, for 30 days. HFUS measurements were performed before (T0), after two hours (T2h), and after 30 days of using the products (T30d). The parameters evaluated were: echogenicity of the total skin, dermis, and epidermis; variation and average thickness of the total skin, epidermal and dermal; and superficial roughness. Statistical analyzes were performed using Friedman's analysis followed by Dunn's test for comparisons of multiple means (α = 0.05). A significant increase in echogenicity of the total and dermal skin was observed after topical application of AA.
Authors: Leonardi, Gislaine Ricci
Aiello, Laura Moretti
Vergilio, Mariane Massufero
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Sponsorship: Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo
Sponsor ID: FAPESP: 2018/06973-4
Date: 4-May-2021
Available Data: 5-May-2021
Format: text/tab-separated-values
Publisher: Ricci Leonardi, Gislaine
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