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Title: Prediction of the structural behavior of RC columns in fire
Subject: Engineering
Description: Python script to compute the displacements and the failure of RC columns subjected to fire. The analyses assume a concentric load (no initial eccentricity) or an equivalent axial load to take into account first and second order effects. The displacements are estimated by the introduction of EN 1992-1-2 (2004) stress-strain curves and a simplified bilinear constitutive law that takes into account the Load induced Thermal Strain (LITS) as a reciprocal to the modulus of elasticity. Failure is predicted with the adoption of the nominal stiffness method (EN 1992-1-2, 2004) to take into account the second order effects and an equivalent axial load to replace the axial-bending force.
Authors: Buttignol, Thomaz Eduardo Teixeira
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Date: 15-Apr-2021
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Publisher: Teixeira Buttignol, Thomaz Eduardo
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