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Title: Data related to online graduate activities during the pandemic at the University of São Paulo
Subject: covid-19;online courses;online defenses;graduate courses;pandemic;evaluation
Description: Due the pandemic caused by SARS-COV-2, in March 2020 the University of São Paulo (USP) has decided to temporarily replace face-to-face classes by remote online learning using digital platforms. In order to evaluate the changes required during the pandemic, the University Provost for graduate affairs elaborated forms to evaluate online defenses and the practices used by faculty members in their online classes, as well as weaknesses that should be overcome.
Authors: Nunes, Fatima
Marangoni, Yara R.
Barreto-Chaves, Maria Luiza
Trindade-Suedam, Ivy Kiemle
Rubira-Bullen, Izabel Regina Fischer
Gir, Elucir
Carlotti Jr, Carlos Gilberto
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Available Data: 14-Apr-2021
Format: Planilha no formato .xlsx
Type: Dataset
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Appears in Collections:Repositório de dados de pesquisa da Universidade de São Paulo

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