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Title: Improving production and quality of life for smallholder farmers through a climate resilience program: an experience in the Brazilian Sertão
Subject: Social Sciences
Description: DTA files with data obtained in surveys applied to family farmers in the semiarid region of the Bahia state, Brazil. The file Data_AdaptaPanel20152018.dta contains a panel with 103 farmers in two periods (2015 and 2018). The file Data_AdaptaSurvey2018.dta is a cross-sectional sample with 202 family farmers in 2018. The variables are described in the codebooks attached.
Authors: Maia, Alexandre Gori
Burney, Jennifer
Morales Martinez, Daniel
Cesano, Daniele
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Sponsorship: Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico
Sponsor ID: CNPQ: 303397/2018-7
Date: 12-Apr-2021
Available Data: 13-Apr-2021
Format: text/plain
Publisher: Gori Maia, Alexandre
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