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Title: Dataset for qualitative investigation of IoT for situational awareness within a control room of disaster monitoring and early-warning in Brazil
Subject: Computer and Information Science;Social Sciences
Description: This paper traces the expansion of a network of IoT sensors to improve the effectiveness of a centralised control room in Brazil in anticipating natural hazards. This centralised model relies on using IoT data by highly qualified experts replacing previous smaller local structures. We draw on the notion of Situational Awareness to carry out the study. Results show that although the operators were not always familiar with the characteristics of locations, the use of IoT data heightened their situational awareness in the centralised control room by improving perception and comprehension. However, they still relied on local knowledge and learned experiences to support projection and anticipation of risks. The study highlights that although data analytics systems are capable of expanding operators’ perception of local elements, they must be complemented by local richer forms of information, needed to anticipate risks and make critical decisions with major impact on local population.
Authors: Flavio Horita
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Date: 20-Oct-2020
Available Data: 30-Mar-2021
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Publisher: Flavio Horita
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