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Title: LODMF: Linked Open Data Maintenance Framework
Subject: Computer and Information Science
Description: LODMF is a framework responsible for keeping links and annotations of RDF datasets in an integrity state. The source code, datasets used as input, and generated data are available at the university public repository:
Authors: Regino, André Gomes
Santos, Andressa Cristina dos
Monteiro, Enio
Reis, Julio Cesar dos
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Sponsorship: Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo
Sponsor ID: FAPESP: 2017/02325-5
Date: 19-Jan-2021
Available Data: 20-Jan-2021
Publisher: Gomes Regino, André
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Appears in Collections:Repositório de Dados de Pesquisa da UNICAMP

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