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Title: Numeric results and topology of the thesis "Achieving Efficient Routing in Constrained Networks with Unidirectional Links Through Software Defined Networking"
Subject: WSN
Description: There are two subfolders: 1. results This subfolder contains csv spreadsheets with the numeric results, one for each metric. The file name specifies which metric it contains. Each line of the spreadsheet represents the summary (average and confidence interval) of 10 simulation runs according to the following parameters: Network size, Topology, Link type, Neighbor/Controller discovery, RDC. The naming convention is the same as used in the thesis. 2. topology A set of files containing information of topologies with randomized elements. Each file is named as links<size>_[berlin-]<link type>.dat Where: - size, is a number representing the network size - berlin, when present, indicates a random topology - link type, can be: -- spn (random nodes with increased range) -- full (all links bidirectional) -- rnd (random unidirectional links), -- cta (controller to all) The files are ready to be loaded by the DGRM in the COOJA simulator. It is a space separated file, each line represents a link between two nodes. The first three columns are the only important ones, although nine columns are required so COOJA loads it properly. First column: source nodes Second column: destination node Third column: packet reception ratio Seventh column: received signal strength
Authors: Alves, Renan C. A.
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Sponsorship: FAPESP
Sponsor ID: 2016/21088-1
Available Data: 9-Sep-2020
Type: Other
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