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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Dataset for Qualitative investigation of data-driven decision making within a control room for disaster monitoring and early-warning in Brazil.Flavio Eduardo Aoki Horita
-Dataset of literature review on participatory early-warning systemsFlavio Eduardo Aoki Horita
-Graph database with the entire water drainage network of the Brazilian hidrographyDaltio, Jaudete
-Graph Learning Network (GLN)Saire Pilco, Darwin Danilo; Ramirez Rivera, Gerberth Adin
-Harena Platform for authoring narrative cases (software release 1.1.56)Santanchè, André
-High Performance Collision Cross Section Calculation – HPCCSZanotto, Leandro
-Images of solar flares in 1600 Angstrom wavelenghtGradvohl, Andre Leon Sampaio; Lima, Ana Luisa Fogarin de Sousa
-Images of solar flares in 1700 Angstrom wavelengthGradvohl, André Leon Sampaio; Lima, Ana Luísa Fogarin de Sousa; Liu, Jianna
-Images of solar flares in HMI magnetogramGrim, Luís Fernando Lopes; Gradvohl, André Leon Sampaio
-LODMF: Linked Open Data Maintenance FrameworkRegino, André Gomes; Santos, Andressa Cristina dos; Monteiro, Enio; Reis, Julio Cesar dos
-Ondas de calor e de frio na cidade de Campinas de 1956 a 2018Oliveira, Daniela de; Costa, Paula Dornhofer Paro; Avila, Ana Maria Heuminski de; Faria, Eliana Cotta de
-Support data and documentation on meta-analysis on semantic searchGottardi, Thiago
-Workflow research object for a molecular dynamics simulationCarvalho, Lucas Augusto Montalvão Costa